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Contact Form 7 Mail Settings 2019

Contact form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin used to create different types of forms for your website or blog. You can just the shortcode of the contact form and embed into site anywhere you want. In this article, I will guide about contact form 7 mail setting.

Contact Form 7 Configuration

After Setup contact form 7 plugin in your website or blog and use shortcode to place it in your website, Then when someone tries to contact you can simply fill the form in your site and by clicking submit button you will receive Email but Sometimes error occurring in contact form 7 due to Wrong Contact Form 7 Mail Settings.

Contact Form Mail Setting

In below screenshot this is the default setting of Mail section of contact form 7, we will try to explore one by one.

contact form 7 mailing setting


In this section, you can give your email as a website owner to receive Email from the site, but it does not stop here you can write more than one email separating by commas e.g
[,] after this setting this two-person will receive email from the site.


In this section here is a setting for the sender that who send the email  in this area you need to write your name and your Domain email
e.g <yourname> <> it will work correctly.

This formate is correct according to Contact from 7 settings if you can change it to something else it will not work according to my experience with this Plugin


In this fields, you need to write this [your-subject] tag to recieve subject of the sender in the email

Additional Headers:

In this section Write  Reply-To: [your-email] then after receiving an email when you click on reply you can send email easily to the target email sender.


Contact Form 7 Message Body

This is the main Message body of email Something in this Section you write will be received as admin

From : <[your-email]>

Name : <[yourname]>

Subject : <[your-subject]>

Message :

Email Sent from The (

This is the default message body in which <[your-email]><[yourname]><[your-subject]> are dynamic fields You will receive these Information directly from sender side

<[your-email]> The sender email
<[yourname]> the sender Name
<[your-subject]> Subject of Sender


By using this recommended setting you will not receive any error in case you have any problem you can ask freely in a comment I will happy to help.


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