What is The Difference Between Posts and Pages

What is The Difference Between Posts and Pages

Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

Normally WordPress gives you the opportunity to manage your content using posts and pages. But as a beginner to WordPress, there’s some confusion in pages and post but in this article, i will cover both of them separately.
There are two types of people some use post and some used pages

Both of them are integral in wordpress But how actually posts and pages? Before you use it first know How What and Why is?


WordPress Posts are timely blog posts and have published date But there is some factor in which you will learn more about pages vs post


WordPress pages are timeless static content and don’t have a publish date


In posts, You can use interactions while in Pages you can’t. You can share and comment  something on posts but not on pages

But there are plugins used to create interaction on pages


Posts have a certain time  while pages don’t have a certain time


Post contains categories while the page has no category


RSS supported by Post while pages don’t support

5)Custom Templates

Post doesn’t use custom templates while pages use custom templates


 Posts use post format while pages don’t use formats


Posts don’t use hierarchy while pages use hierarchy Means that you can create pages inside other pages parent page and child pages while you cant create one post inside another post here a question arises that how many posts or pages can I have? So there is no limit for pages and posts


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These are some step in which you can learn what is pages and post. You can Manage your Content in wordpress using these two format .

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