How To Install WordPress Complete Guide

How To Install WordPress Complete Guide

How To Install WordPress

WordPress is an online open Source CMS(Content Management System) used to create websites/blog. Its popular  because of its flexibility and Easy use.

How to Install wordpress, so In this article i will teach how to install WordPress  on Localhost

Table of Content:
Step 1:Installaton of XAMPP
Step 2: WordPress Installation
Step 2.1 Language Setup
Step 2.2 Move to Further Step

Step 2.3 Fill Information
Step 2.4 Run Installation
Step 2.5 Fill Information
Step 2.6 WordPress Login

To install wordpress on your localhost You need Software Like Xampp Wamp  Mamp  and Lamp and WordPress Setup.

XAMPP is for Windows, Linux, Mac etc
WAMP is for Windows OS
LAMP is for Linux
MAMP is for Mac OS X

I will share Xampp method because i am using xampp.

Step: 1

Go to Xampp site and install it.After Installing Xampp Open your Software and
Open Apache
and Mysql server

 Install WordPress
xampp setup

Go to browser and type Localhost/Phpmyadmin
and Create new database in XAMPP

 Install WordPress
database creation

Step 2:

Now Install wordpress
Go to OFFICIAL Site of WordPress and Download WordPress

Extract wordpress Setup download file and Copy all the files from extracted folder

Go to C Drive/xampp/htdocs and create separate folder and name as your project

Paste all the file in that Project folder

Now go to browser and write

Then You will see wordress installation setup

Now follow these steps one by one

2.1 Click by setup your language

 Install WordPress
Language Setting

2.2 Then click Lets Go

 Install WordPress
Lets Go


2.3 Then fill all information

  • Database name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database Host
  • Table prefix

and click submit


 Install WordPress
Fill information

2.4 You will see run the installation

 Install WordPress
Run Installation


  • Now fill site Name
  • Username 
  • password
  • Your Email 

And click install wordpress

 Install WordPress
Fill all these Infirmation

2.6  Now after this  you need to login to wordpress dashboard with username and password which you write in above step and you have all done

 Install WordPress
WordPress Login

And as a result You will This Screen

 Install WordPress
WordPress Dashboard

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