List of Websites Using WordPress

The world moving towards digitization to keep lots of things with one click. In this digital world people use different online tools to keep thing easily, same like this example we have WordPress if you do not know about WordPress then let me discuss.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the open-source CMS gives the opportunity to users to create and manage content WordPress used 34% of the web, here is a list of website using WordPress.


Why Choose WordPress

Lots of businesses love to grow fast by reducing response time and consumes time that’s why when it comes to managing users and content they choose WordPress for their business to Manage people easily. If you want to learn in-depth why people use WordPress we have a guide on Reason to choose WordPress for website


Let’s discuss a list of websites that used WordPress we cover a guide on most popular brands that use WordPress


11 Successful Brands Use WordPress

A big company known as Microsoft used WordPress for publishing Content. Microsoft has news blog name which hosted on WordPress platform.


Facebook News Room

The popular social networking website used WordPress for publishing content related to Facebook Updates and News.


Bata is an International Fashion and shoe manufacturer and retailer. This company has 5300 Shops in more than 70 Countries in the world. Bata used WordPress for Official Site

Time Magazine uses WordPress to publish their content.

Time magazine is the biggest magazine out there share Content related to different topics such as Entertainment Sports, health, Business, etc.


Cpanel is a Linux Based Web hosting Service Graphical User interface. This Company offers web developers and users to Manage web hosting with easy and Reliable customization. This company uses WordPress for Publishing Content.



Techcrunch is one of the best and leading technology blogs in the world earning at least 2-3 Million Dollars. This blog earns money using Content posted on WordPress.

There is no limit that how much you can earn from WordPress.

Mercedes Benz

You will know Mercedes Benz anyone wants if you visit Mercedes Benz website and check how they create so beautiful design using WordPress

Angry birds

Angry birds are the World most popular puzzle Video Game Designed by Rivo Entertainment. This Popular  Organization has official Site that hosted on WordPress Platform.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a famous Musician popular for Pop music. If we can discuss more his official blog he also has website name that used WordPress content management system for publishing news, and related contents.

Olympics champion Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet he has website that powered by WordPress. The Usain official website is Hosted on WordPress to Post new content related to Sports


Quartz is a Business News Publishing organization website From New York, which publishing content on New economy Rich Peoples. So Quartz is a famous website also use WordPress.



In this guide, we write about some of the popular brands that used WordPress for their website due to its Functionalities and Best developer Community



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