What is WordPress Plugin And How To Use

What is WordPress Plugin And How To Use

What is WordPress Plugin And How To Use 

There are Tons of Plugins available in the WordPress repository which you can use to manage and extend your website functionality then some of the WordPress plugin are paid and some free.

What is WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is used To Add Extra Functionality to your  WordPress website. Normally You can change the Appearance of your WordPress website using WordPress theme but you can add or change the functionality of WordPress website using plugins.

How Many Plugins should i install on my WordPress website?

As many You want But keep in mind that plugins are small bits of software, the more plugins your website have the more your website will affect .

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How to Install WordPress Plugin

To Install New plugin to your website you need to perform some simple steps

  • Go to Your website Dashboard
  • Click on Plugins > Add New > Select plugin > Install > Activate 

Like for example, You want to install Elementor page builder plugin to my Website Then you will search Elementor and   By clicking Install button plugin will be installed and then you will click activate to Run that plugin on the website.

How To Choose WordPress Plugin

To choose plugins that is trusted and Work will for your website, you need to look for some steps

Plugin Update

The first Step you need to look at Is the Plugin update that on which date that plugin update if plugin update is most recent that will be Best for You


The 2nd step you need to look is plugin compatibility that the plugin which is compatible for your website will be better for you


Positive Rating is another step which is important to choose the best plugin for your website. Check positive rating normally Above 4+

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