WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Which is better ?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Which is better ?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Which is better?

WordPress is an Open Source platform in which lots of Developers are contributing their code. Lots of WordPress developers team are working remove the error from the wordpress platform and make it Updated for the Users. In this article, we will cover what is wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.

As we know that WordPress Is the Most popular platform in the world which consume one-third of the Website market. It is popular for the website development and Also for blogging platform due to its Tools Availability in all over the World.

Now we will discuss the two version of WordPress which is WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Table of content:

  • com vs.org 
  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org
  • Comparison of both version
  • Installation and hosting
  • Domain Storage Space
  • Making Money
  • Flexibility
  • Plugin Integration
  • Security 
  • Backup SEO

A new beginner wants to join WordPress doesn’t know to choose which version of WordPress either WordPress.com or WordPress.org because these are Confusion for them, that why we Cover a guide in which all user see which are the functionality through which a newbie know and select his/her choice for the website.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org 

.com is Managed hosting provider on wordpress.com If you go to your internet browser and search wordpress.com you will see that all the features and data manages by WordPress.

.org is a self-managed version in which you can install or change by yourself and this is the preferred version by experts.

Now Comparison on Both:


1) Installation and Hosting

In wordpress.com version WordPress is already installed on the website. In wordpress.org you will install it on your hosting by Login Cpanel account and Install WordPress On Domain.

2) Domain

WordPress.com offer free domain and in case you want a premium domain, it’s very expensive.

WordPress.org provide cheaper domain You need to buy it from domain service provider company.

3) Storage space:

wordpress.org provide unlimited hosting while

wordpress.com provide limited storage space only 3 Gb and in the paid version, it’s so expensive due to these steps .com is not a choice of many users.

4) Maintainance:

WordPress.com and wordpress.org both maintenance managed by WordPress

5)Making Money

WordPress.org is best here because you can place your custom ads and you can Earn money from this version while

.com you don’t remove ads and give you little earn money functionality

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6) Flexibility

If we compare the flexibility of both versions wordpress.org provides you more flexibility to use unlimited plugins and theme  to manage your website

while WordPress.com provide little customization and feature you can’t install plugin and premium theme in free blog

7) Plugin Integration

If we think a WordPress plugins integration on wordpress.com version it’s very difficult and can’t give access to the install Custom plugin

But if we see wordpress.org which provides you the opportunity to use your custom plugin integration. You can upload as much you want to add new Functionality to a website

8) Security

If we compare security then wordpress.com is dominant on .org because WordPress managed security by itself in wordpress.com version

while WordPress.org also provide best security plugins and method to manage your website security

9) Backup

if we think about backup both WordPress versions provide you backup feature

10) SEO

SEO is one area in which wordpress.org is more efficient  and the winner Because you can use your custom plugins and SEO optimize theme to design it for SEO friendly and place ads according to SEO factor

while .com don’t provide more functionality to get SEO of the website


So this is a complete guide on wordpress.com vs wordpress.org  at the end I will recommend using .org version of WordPress because of flexibility Seo and User like rather than WordPress.com so go for .org and download WordPress and set up your WordPress website/blog


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